Saturday, May 10, 2008

TJ - Darker Than Black (1999)

The "Darker Than Black" ep has always suffered from being "too 80's" and has been acused of having a "homerecording charm", yet, the album enjoyed tremendous success.

After 1997's PURE LOVE, on which TJ had worked with three different guitarists and a poet, TJ (as usual) went the opposite way with the Darker Than Black CD, recording fully digital on a 16-track keyboard and without any additional musicians.

The sound had one name written all over: EUROPOP - with this in mind, TJ took off on a self-financed promo-week through London, where he left CDs in many clubs and in many record companies.

At the same time he recorded his sugar levels and adventures for a diabetes magazine called SUBKUTAN, who featured a two-page article about the trip to the British capitol.

This bold endevour earned TJ some respect and attracted the attention of a local TV station (Offener Kanal Offenbach) and TV show director/video director Jochen Schaefer invited TJ to perform and be interviewed on his show "Smartly". Jochen also produced a professional videoclip of the title track of the album, which later managed to get on heavy rotation.

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